80m Record Throw Range (by 3200 L/min, 8 bar, full Jet water stream)


  • 80m Record Throw Range

After years of engineering work, field testing and fine-tuning we have come up with a unique Fire Monitor, design of which enables extremely long water delivery range up to 80m (by 3200 L/min capacity, 8 bar pressure with Full Jet Stream Pattern set).

  • low weight
  • compact, foldable construction
  • easy manoeuvring for a standing operator
  • attractive price
  • does not require servicing
  • foam nozze as standard equipment



Fire Monitor NSK DWP- 8/16/24/32 has been designed for fighting fires categorised as group AB according to PN-75/M-51001 and is used for delivery of water or foam stream, manually and steplessly adjusted between full jet or spray mode.



The construction is based on a specially formed tube, ending with a rotating element from one side and a universal head from the other, which enables adjustment of flow capacity and water stream mode. The tube is made of stainless steel. The monitor is also equipped with a manometer displaying water pressure. A specially designed grab bar allows easy manoeuvring of the fire monitor.



Pamet Fire Monitor is equipped with a special head enabling stepless adjustment of water capacity within 800 to 3200 l/min and water stream dispersion within 0° to 30° range. The monitor can be rotated within 360° horizontally and -30° to +90° vertically, which enables delivery of full jet or spay of water or full jet of foam. Foam delivery requires attaching the foam nozzle (supplied as standard). The monitor is equipped with rotating joints, allowing easy horizontal and vertical manoeuvring with the help of ergonomically shaped grab bar. Can be locked in any position.


Special construction saves space with the highest point at only 308mm above fitting level.


Allow fast and solid locking of the optimum fire monitor position.


Our unique head enables stepless adjustment of flow capacity within 800 to 3200 l/min range and stream dispersion witihn 0° (full jet) to 30° (spay).


Delivery of foam stream requires attaching the supplied Foam Nozzle.


Nominal Pressure (Mpa) 0.8
Water Capacity (L/min) 800:3200
Foam Capacity (L/min) 800:3200


set@8 (800L)
Throw range (m) water foam
Jet stream 50.4 38.4
Spray stream 45.2
set@16 (1600L)
Throw range (m) water foam
Jet stream 58.2 47.2
Spray stream 51.4
set@24 (2400L)
Throw range (m) water foam
Jet stream 60.2 49.4
Spray stream 54.6
set@32 (3200L)
Throw range (m) water foam
Jet stream 80.3 51.6
Spray stream 60.2
Dimentions (mm)
 folded  unfolded
Length 746 770
Width 520 770
Hight 308 783
Weight (kg)



1. manually adjusted head

2. grab bar

3. capacity ring

4. stream pattern ring

5. vertical locking lever

6. horizontal locking lever

7. body

8. foam nozzle

9. locking joint for vertical adjustments

10. ID plate with:
a) manufacturer name
b) manufacturer address
c) year of production
d) serial No



CNBOP-PIB permit No 3276/2018

Product made in the EU in compliance with all legal requirements.